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Custom Color Matching

Pick a Color. Any Color. We will match it.

Whether you are creating a new storefront for a mall retailer, designing a pair of entry doors for a Restaurant, or customizing a unique canopy for a corporate headquarters, you most likely have certain brand or company finishes that you must adhere to. Our custom color matching process guarantees that the hue and gloss level you require will be met.

We have a strict and regulated quality control protocol when it comes to the finishes we supply for projects. We require written approval, whether it is direct from the purchaser, owner, architect, or specified in the blueprints prior to applying any finishes to our materials.

Our custom color match process is as follows:

Step One – We receive a control sample from the client, owner, or architect.

Step Two – We compare that control sample to the thousands of finishes that we have in house and try to find a match. If a match is not found in-house, we then send the control sample (rather a portion of it) to our lab for a custom color formulation. This process generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Step Three – Once we receive the custom match, we will compare it to the control sample and if it passes our internal QC, we will send it to the customer for approval.

Step Four – The customer will approve the finish sample or request a new sample. If approved, we create a project (or brand) specific (depending on the type of approval) for the finish and enter it into our database. If the sample is not approved, we will start back at Step Two and ask the lab to reformulate.

This four step process maintains the integrity of your specification and finish. 

We have a strict and regulated quality control protocol when it comes to finishes.

"API will work from your current design or assist you and your firm in developing a new concept."

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